miércoles, 11 de julio de 2018

ATC Series, "Midsummer Night's Dream"; Faery Ink stamps

I participated in an atc swap past month. The event was called "Midsummer Night's Dream" and it was patrocinated by Faery Ink stamps. I used fairies stamps since the event sugested me magical criatures, with brilliant colors. 


I used two different stamps, since the serie started with only four cards (two for each fairy), and finish with six. The first one is called "Arielle Flora Fae", and you can learn how to color it in an Amanda Byron's video. See it here

The second one is "St Patrick's Day Ireland Stag Fairy", a fairy that suggest me Galicia (my state here in Spain) because we have a celtic culture too. I only made two of this version, because I found so difficult to color the tiny stamp with the clovers in the skirt. 

I really hope that they liked my partners, as they went to Saskatoon (in Canada), Murcia and Madrid (in Spain), for three wonderful women. They are all great scrapbookers with different styles that I admire too much. I hope the serie likes you too. Happy summer!

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